About us

About us – AF.AR circular saws carbide

AF.AR, teamwork in action

About us – AF.AR employs highly qualified and skilled personnel. The team is structured in a simple and straightforward organisational chart to ensure the highest level of satisfaction of customers and the evolving market.

AF.AR‘s front line experience and daily commitment over the years, has allowed us to create a complex and comprehensive system of management of production, logistical and management processes at all levels.

Our story


Maurizio Bassetti with the crucial support of his father Luigi founds AF.AR Affilatura Artigiana a company that regrinds solid carbide milling cutters and circular saws for WATCHES – JEWELLERY – EYEWEAR – MANIFOLDS – MECHANICAL-TEXTILES.

The workshop is upgraded with the purchase of one of Italy’s first numerically controlled universal grinding machines. We buy our first grinder and modify it for the production of discs for circular saws and milling cutters. START OF PRODUCTION OF SOLID CIRCULAR SAWS.

Purchase of the second numerically controlled grinding machine and installation of two specific grinders. This is the year of the first catalogue which launches the sales network.

The first 250 mm diameter blades are produced and the production range is completed with PRINTED CIRCUIT cutters. This year some products are exclusively assigned to a firm that SELLS PRODUCTS under its own brand. This partnership lasts for almost 15 years.

Introduction of the control and historical identification of sintered items along with self-certification. From this point the history of each item can be accurately reconstructed even after many years.

Introduction of sophisticated CNC machines and adoption of advanced CAD – CAM for production systems. Introduction of a powerful database specifically for the production and design data storage system. The first Afar-Tools.com website goes on line.

Our agreement with the outside firm expires. We decide to set up a direct sales network for the domestic and foreign market with the AF.AR. TRADEMARK.

Relocation of headquarters to the new site.

Introduction of CNC plane grinding machines with new technology.

Launch of the second grinding shop for the bodies of circular saws

Introduction of high power CNC grinding machines with fully automatically loading measurement cycle for high production. Introduction of a robotic system for laser printing on the other series.