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AF.AR procude circular saws, circular cutters prismatic and whole circular knives carbide, diameter 8:00 mm diameter 300.00 mm and thickness of 0.05 mm to 60.00 mm (in relation to the outer diameter).

Solid Carbide Circular Saw Blades Products Gallery- AF.AR Tools

circular saw blades

Solid Carbide circular saw blades high-quality products with precision toothing and lateral hollow grinding applied by mirror grinding process.
Similar to DIN 1837 A with fine herringbone toothing type A with ground-in rake.
Similar to DIN 1838 B with coarse spiral toothing type B with ground-in rake.
With AF.AR Tools solid carbide circular saw blades it is possible to increase the cutting speed 3 to 4 times in comparison with HSS saw blades. Furthermore also high-tensile or materials with 800–1200 N/mm²· and high-abrasive materials can be machined very well.

circular saw blades

Product Gallery

Our pre-sales service helps customers who request it to clarify the purpose of the products and materials before proceeding with the order. We proceed together to an objective feasibility analysis that leads to an appropriate and reasonable solution in terms of materials and costs.

We can put the customer’s logo in vector format on the tool they supply and, if necessary, at a cost, also labelling and special packaging.
We know that it is essential to develop processing parameters in order to optimise results. That’s why our customers can take advantage of an after sales service to guide them in the correct use of the products purchased.
Our customers can use our direct and complete re-sharpening service for the tools we have produced and those purchased from other suppliers.

Organisation chart

Our company comprises about 20 people working in different departments.
Our organisation chart is simple and straightforward. What we like to stress is teamwork.
Everyone has a defined role with a task preparatory to that of their colleagues.
The front line experience gained over the years has helped us create a complex and comprehensive system that allows us to easily handle both everyday processes and contingencies.
AF.AR is structured into four departments.
The commercial administrative department deals with the administrative and commercial management of customers and suppliers, interfacing with Italian and foreign organisations. It works closely with the orders and production launch department , which is responsible for confirming orders and initiating production.
The technical production department has over 40 machines and interfaces with the warehouse , which deals with the shipping and testing of goods.
The added value of research

AF.AR has always focused on improving the quality of its products in close cooperation with its main raw material supplier – our active partner for over 20 years – and with some considerate and willing customers. Thanks to the help of a number of customers, we can test different processing specifications: new materials, new tool geometries, new coating. AF.AR believes it important to find innovative and customised solutions. We look together with our customers into how to provide the highest performing product with the right value for money. This focus allows us to keep pace with market demands and to achieve more ambitious goals together with our customers, bringing a competitive advantage to both.

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